What To Wear In 70 Degree Weather – Light Or Heavy?

what to wear in 70 degree weather

If you find it difficult choosing what to wear in 70 degree weather, don’t worry, I got you covered! Natural fabric jackets and long pants for men. Ladies can go for pencil skirt and blouse for formal, or casual jacket for casual. Parties are excuse for dressing well.

Spring weather is here with us! I refer to 70 degrees as the perfect weather because it’s not too warm or cold. Read my other post on 60 degree weather and explore relatively cold weather outfit ideas.

I know you would like to hold on to the winter clothes just a little more. But is it worth losing chances to wear the right outfits for perfect weather?

It’s time to switch those merino wool sweaters for fancier sweaters, boots for lighter sneakers, and sandals. Incorporate those missing colors into your outfits. My mantra is; if it’s too dull and heavy, then it has to go.

Best Formal Outfit for Men To Wear In 70 Degree Weather

If you have to wear a suit, look out for cotton or linen fabrics. You can also choose lighter wool fabrics.

I would say a lightweight blazer, solid color. It’s formal and comfortable to wear in spring… Be sure to get one with no lining. Also, watch the fabric, not just the base layer, for outer layer too. Make sure it is breathable to keep you cool.

Pair it with dress pants or chinos and layer it with a button-down shirt.

Invest in a good design lightweight trench coat. It comes in handy for those chilly evenings and air conditioned room’s cooler temperatures.

Your choice of undergarments is also very crucial. You want to stay dry and fresh all day. The best fabrics to consider are bamboo and polyamide. They have both absorbent and cooling qualities.

Best Formal Outfit for Women To Wear In 70 Degree Weather

Business wear is about achieving an effortlessly professional and stylish look.

Staple must-have items are the slim fitted pencil skirt (no, not midi skirt), blazers, fitted pants, and formal dresses.

Get an all-white look and a pastel-colored blazer. These pants and top layered with a smart blazer and heels will look great on anyone.

Pencil cut skirts paired with fitted blouses works for any business formal occasion.

To avoid getting sweaty, look for underwear made from breathable fabrics. Moisture-wicking panties and cotton bras will do the trick.

When applying makeup aim for quality over quantity. Start with a good oil-free moisturizer and foundation which will not melt on you. Remember; never leave your house without sunscreen. Opt for a no-makeup make look to avoid smudging. Go for a bold lip look and switch the powder for primer.

Every woman will require a bag to carry her personal effects. Baguette bags are the go-to bags for a formal outfit.

Best Party Outfit for Men To Wear In 70 Degree Weather

Everyone loves a good party. Having the right outfit will enhance your experience at any party.

Parties range from black tie events to casual chic attire parties and everything in between. For black-tie events, go for a light material tuxedo and a black bow to match.

For a cocktail party pair a pastel color blazer or a cashmere sweater (great for warm weather) with a pair of black jeans. Get a great pair of chukka boots and voila!

To achieve an easy-breezy garden party look, go for white distressed pants and a button-down shirt. Complete the look with a pair of loafers.

Best Party Outfit for Women To Wear In 70 Degree Weather

Yay, it’s party time! Anyone who has been to a party will tell you to always watch out for the weather. Also, check with the host and know if there’s any dress code.

Black tie parties, like, fancy holiday parties and galas call for floor-length gowns. An A-line dress complements most body types. If you want something more risqué, go for a high but not revealing slit and an appropriate neckline.

Cocktail parties, my favorite, are the easiest to dress for. My go-to is velvet or lace little black dresses and fancy heels for 70ish warm temperatures. Smart casual parties call for simple weekend wear layered with a glamorous blazer. Go for a pair of jeans and a fancy blouse with bows and a clutch bag for an elegant look in this temperature.

Choose ornaments that can be worn for all occasions like stud earrings and bracelets. Invest in stylish necklaces, both layered and long necklaces with pendants.

Best Casual Outfit for Men To Wear In 70 Degree Weather

For a casual look, go for a sport coat, a lightweight bomber jacket, or a denim jacket. You can layer these with a plain short sleeve or long sleeve shirt, t-shirt, a polo shirt, or a sweatshirt.

A cotton v necked sweater will take you from the office, dressed up to a casual evening out when dressed down.

Washed-out Jeans will complete any casual look. You should look out for lighter fabrics suitable for warm weather.

Shorts come in different sizes, styles, and colors. For this kind of weather, I’d suggest shorts that are just above the knee. You don’t need leg warmers in a hot day!

Don’t restrict yourself to neutral colors. It’s spring! Be bold and let it be. Throw away the long pants! Get that red or gold summer shorts and embrace the spring weather.

Footwear can make or break an outfit. Wear the right shoe that complements your look.

Chukka boots are a closet must-have. You wear it to the office and also with a casual outfit.

All eyes will be on you if you done stylish sunglasses for a chic look.

Best Casual Outfit for Women To Wear In 70 Degree Weather

That thick sweater needs to go. Yeah, I know it’s your favorite but you don’t need them now. You can never go wrong with a chiffon dress when stepping out to hang out for coffee or for that mall visit.

You can accessorize it with a pair of ankle-strapped sandals and a long trench to keep you warm if the weather is on the cooler side.

Jumpsuits are an easy way to look stylish on a warm day. Select a bright color in cotton or linen to keep you fresh all day 70-degree weather.

An oversize blazer, worn with a t-shirt and pair of washed-up jeans makes for a classic outfit suitable for warm weather.

Just accessorize it with a bucket bag and you are good to go!

It would be really sad to wear the right outfit in the wrong fabric, wouldn’t t it? You want a fabric that keeps away the heat and at the same time keeps you dry and fresh.

A fabric is a material made by interweaving thread-like fibers. Some fabrics occur naturally in nature, while others are man-made synthetic.

For 70-degree weather consider naturally occurring fibers. This includes cotton linen, silk, etc.


If you are looking for a good fabric that is suitable for all seasons; then look no further.

Cotton is a fabric that can be found everywhere and at a relatively cheap price. It is a lightweight fabric. This makes it suitable for warm weather.

It is also absorbent which helps soak up moisture leaving you dry and fresh. Its breathable characteristics allow a cool breeze inwards and ensure heat leaves the body.

Another plus for cotton is its hypoallergenic nature. That means that it does not irritate one’s skin.


Linen is a versatile and breathable fabric made from flax. The lightly woven fabric makes it easier for heat to escape.

Linen absorbs 20% of its total weight in moisture thus keeping you dry and fresh in warm and hot weather. It is lightly woven it allows for air circulation by allowing cool breezes inward which keeps your body cool.

Linen is also a durable fabric that does not lose its form. It is more durable than cotton and will give you value for your money. Linen is also always in fashion so you do not have to keep updating your wardrobe.


Chambray is very similar to denim but made of a lighter and softer texture than denim. It is a good replacement in humid weather. It is very absorbent and will spare you from sweat patches and chaffing.

It is also more breathable than denim, making it a perfect fabric for 70-degree weather. It allows heat to escape from the body and cool breezes into the body keeping you cool.

It is also easy to clean and does not trap odor while washed.

There are various fabrics to stay away from when it’s warm and humid. These fabrics either retain too much heat or fail to absorb any moisture in the body whatsoever. Most synthetic fabrics fall under this category.


Lauded for its ability to stay wrinkle-free, polyester is the worst fabric you can wear in warm, humid weather. It is water-resistant and does will not absorb any sweat from your body.

Made of polyester fibers, it does not allow airflow and is not breathable. It can also get clingy when you sweat since it’s made of plastic. It will also retain odors which is what you are trying to avoid during 70-degree weather.


It is a man-made fabric made from a blend of wood pulp, cotton synthetic fibers, and other natural fibers. Rayon, like polyester, is not absorbent and is known to repel moisture. This makes it less ideal for warm, humid weather.


What’s worse than a polyester or rayon fabric? The answer to this is satin.

Satin is made by blending polyester and rayon. Satin does not absorb any moisture and will leave nasty sweat spots on your clothes.

It is also not breathable and leaves you hot and sweaty, something you want to avoid in 70-degree weather.

We’ve learned all the basic tips to stay warm, comfortable, and stylish in 70-degree weather, To conclude what to wear in 70 degree weather:

  • For men, lightweight natural fabric suits for formal occasions and parties, paired with leather shoe, casual can’t go wrong with denim.
  • For ladies, pencil skirts and pastel colored blouse for formal, A-line dress or casual blazer for parties, casual a good excuse for jump suit.
  • Yes, you can go for shorts too.
  • Go for lightweight breathable natural fabrics.
  • Choose lighter and not necessarily brighter colors (pastel colors work wonders!)

The trick is to be prepared. Take an inventory of outfits you have and shop in advance if need be. Don’t beat yourself up if the weather changes on you (even weather apps and experts get it wrong sometimes)

Now let’s go out there, be stylish, and enjoy the perfect weather!

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