What To Wear In 50 Degree Weather – How Cold Can It Be?

what to wear in 50 degree weather

What to wear in 50 degree weather short answer is, fur for ladies and wool for men. Don’t forget your trench coats for business and formal occasions. Wear heavy and layer up with breathable fabrics. Choose something that will hold your body heat intake.

Most cases of death due to hypothermia occur at air temperatures of 30-50 degrees. The transition from one season to another can come with really confusing weather temperatures. It is almost unpredictable to decide on what to wear.

Picking the right outfit for 50-degree weather can be a bit tricky. It is not cold enough to wrap yourself up in a winter jacket. However, people die of hypothermia in this weather so it is a bit cold weather.

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I have highlighted a few tips and hacks to help you pick the perfect outfit for any occasion in 50-degree weather.

Best Formal Outfit for Men To Wear In 50 Degree Weather

When you talk about formal wear, suits and blazers are the first things anyone thinks of.

A well-fitted cotton suit over a crisp collar long sleeve shirt and a tie to match. Finish up with a pair of lace-up formal shoe. This combo is great for work on a Monday morning, a business meeting, or a job interview.

For a lighter formal look, let go of the tie. Ensure you’re not wearing any singlets under the shirt. Undo the first 2 or 3 buttons of your shirt. This look is perfect for a work function like a business dinner or lunch party.

Suits are not the only option for you to look formal.

A black cable knit sweater over a crisp collar button-down shirt and black pants can give you a formal look for work. You can decide to use a tie or not. Polish up this attire with a pair of black or brown formal loafers and a leather watch.

Best Formal Outfit for Women To Wear In 50 Degree Weather

A brown coat, black long sleeve body con turtle neck, black pants, and leopard print pumps. Or a white sleeveless coat over a black sweater tucked neatly in black pants and plain black pumps.

For this formal look, you can let your hair fall and use a few fancy hair clips to hold it at the side. This look is perfect for work or a job interview.

A chic medium-sized handbag is always great for any formal look. Your makeup should be light but properly highlighted.

Best Party Outfit for Men To Wear In 50 Degree Weather

Some time ago, I attended a wedding and a man showed up in a shirt tucked into a pair of shorts and a cute bowtie on his neck. I tried to hold back my laughter and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that struggle.

No judgments, fashion should be a means of expression.

However, before you rush to your wardrobe to pick out an outfit idea, sit down to think; “What kind of party is it?” This helps you pick an outfit that is more appropriate for the occasion.

A wedding or engagement party will require you to dress formally or in traditional attire. In most cases, a suit is most appropriate. You can wear a suit over a button-down shirt with or without a tie. Don’t forget to pick a pair of formal shoes.

Everyone loves a man in a well-arranged monochrome outfit. Grey pants, a white shirt button-down shirt, a grey sweater, and a grey trench coat. Paired with comfy white sneakers and a silver stainless steel watch. This outfit is perfect for casual parties with friends and family.

Best Party Outfit for Women To Wear In 50 Degree Weather

50-degree weather is always accompanied by the plaid trend.

Plaid coats are easy to rock. Simply pick any color on the coat, wear a bodycon long-sleeved dress, and a pair of thigh-high boots in the same color.

Hold your hair up in a neat ponytail to show off your statement earrings. This will make the perfect look for a casual party or a night out with friends.

For a formal party or business dinner, you can still wear a nice, long dinner gown and a chic pair of heels. Add a long fur jacket to protect you from the cold outside. You can take off the jacket once you are at the party.

A small fancy purse will add class to this look.

I advise that you wear a strapless bra and a G-string under the dinner gown so you don’t have to worry about people seeing your underwear lining.

Full, properly highlighted makeup with well-defined eyes and lips is perfect for any party.

Best Casual Outfit for Men To Wear In 50 Degree Weather

A casual dress code is so similar to a blank cheque. It allows you to dress in what feels most comfortable for you. This is where individual style and personality come out to play.

A black sweater, black jean pants, a black trench coat, and white sneakers. For toppings, add a white beanie to match. Or an oversized jewel neck sweater, stonewashed jeans, and white sneakers. These will make the perfect smart casual look.

For a business casual look, a knitted sweater over a shirt with black pants and white sneakers.

Any casual outfit can be paired with either a stainless steel or leather watch.

Best Casual Outfit for Women To Wear In 50 Degree Weather

A laid-back casual style is the most comfortable way to dress. The sad story is that some people still don’t get it right. Picking a casual outfit in the tricky 50-degree weather will be even more difficult for such ones.

Here’s a tip that can help; You can never go wrong with layers.

You can still wear your favorite tees and jeans in this weather. Throw on an oversized cheeked button-down shirt or a camel jacket. Add a pair of white converse and you’re good to go. Hold your hair up in a messy bun with a matching scrunchie.

If you’re a hyper person who likes to make a dramatic entrance, a bright-colored faux fur vest or a faux fur coat will look attractive. Pair It with a plain t-shirt and your favorite sneakers.

Do not wear this to a casual business meeting no matter how funky you’re feeling.

For any casual look, cute dotted earrings and a natural, no-makeup strikes a perfect balance. You can brush out your eyelashes with mascara and apply some lip gloss to polish up your look.

A fancy tote bag or crossbody purse will be nice to finish up a casual look.

You can be very versatile with your choice of fabrics in this weather. Warm cozy materials that protect you from the cold and are light enough to allow airflow through in case it gets hot.

Wool, cotton, Fur, and Faux fur are nice materials to help scale through 50-degree weather.


Wool is obtained from animals, especially sheep. It can be made into a thin or thick fabric. Who doesn’t love their merino wool sweater in cold weather!

It is a warm fabric that will keep you cozy and comfortable in even cooler temperatures, like 40. It is also water-resistant which makes it perfect for snowy or rainy days.

It’s lightweight, yet thick. This makes it easy to move around without adding an extra burden on the wearer.

The only downside is that wool is a high-maintenance fabric and needs to be cleaned following special guidelines.

Clothing materials made with wool are one of your best options for any 50-degree weather. It’ll keep you warm, hold your body heat yet properly ventilated. Time to get the oversized sweater then.


Cotton is a universal material and can be worn in any weather. It can be made into a thin fabric suitable for summer and thick fabric for cooler temperatures. It’s not a synthetic fabric.

Cotton is durable and breathable. It is also a great substitute for people with a wool allergy.

Fur And Faux Fur

The use of fur for clothing dates back to the millennial era. Cavemen used the fur of hunted animals to make small clothing materials.

Advancement in technology has made the use of fur classy. Mostly used as a statement piece, fur keeps you warm in the cold by holding your body heat.

Faux fur is a synthetic fabric, becoming popular as a replacement for natural fur. Just like wool, fur is also a high-maintenance fabric and needs to be taken to an expert for cleaning.

You can not go wrong with your fur winter coat.

Very lightweight fabrics are not advisable to wear in this weather unless as base layer. 50-degree weather is always colder than it is hot weather.

This means wearing lightweight fabrics will only expose you to the cold air and can make you sick or prone to hypothermia.

Fabrics like chiffon, batiste, georgette, organdy, and crepe should be avoided in this weather.


Chiffon is a lightweight, transparent fabric. It is highly breathable and very unsuitable for 50-degree weather. This lightweight nature of this material exposes you to the cold air that accompanies 50-degree weather.


Batiste is often made from cotton or linen. It is very lightweight and breathable. Just like chiffon, it is unsuitable for 50-degree weather due to its weight and texture.


This is a type of lightweight crepe fabric. It is transparent and highly breathable. This is why it is uncomfortable or inappropriate for 50-degree weather.

Temperature is never constant although the day. A breezy or cloudy 50-degree weather can easily turn 40-35-degree while a sunny 50-degree day switches up to 60-degree in no time.

For more flexibility with temperature, layered outfits are best for this weather.

People react differently to temperature. So in choosing an outfit, always consider your tolerance for cold and hot weather.

What to wear in 50 degree weather In short:

  • My men can wear suit with long sleeve shirt for formal, sweater or trench coat for parties and oversized sweater for casual look. Leather watches are more appropriate for formal dressing while stainless steel for casual and part looks are acceptable.
  • My ladies should go for turtle neck as base layer and coat as outer layer with formal pant in formal meetings, long gown and fur coat is my favorite for parties, and denim jeans and long pants with light jacket for casual.
  • You may need your arm warmers (mittens), gloves and leg warmers for 50 degree weather.

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